Why My HTTP Service Cannot Be Stopped.



In order to stop listening port 80 of IIS on windows server 2008 on which SQL Server 2008 is installed, we change the port of IIS website to non-80. Unfortunately, we find that the port 80 is still listening by PID 4. When we try to stop HTTP service using command: net stop http, we receive error information: “The HTTP Service could not be stopped”  as below screenshot shows:



When Reporting Service is installed on the windows server 2008, it will register port 80 for its web service URL and report manager URL by default. We can find this as below screenshot shows using below command:
netsh http show urlacl


And only if Reporting service is running, port 80 will keep listening. 


Change web service URL and report manager URL of Reporting Service from port 80 to non-80, and restart Reporting Service. Then we can stop HTTP service successfully.


Reporting Services Web Service

Web Service URL (Reporting Services Configuration)



Winston He


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  1. Dude says:

    Running "netsh http show urlacl" command gives "The handle is Invalid" message

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