Windows Firewall setting for IIS Manager remote connection

Consider the following scenario. You have 2 Win2K3 IIS servers, IIS_A and IIS_B and plan to manage IIS_B though IIS Manager in the IIS_A. Both servers have Windows Firewall turn on.



When tried to setup connect to computer in IIS Manager of IIS_A, the error msg is as below:

The connection to the server ‘IIS_B’ was lost.



To allow an IIS Manager to connect another remote IIS Manager, you need to add special entries to the Windows Firewall exception list.



Windows Firewall: iis


Add TCP port 135 and Inetinfo.exe to the Windows Firewall exceptions list.


TCP port 135 is typical RPC port. If the remote server (i.e. IIS_B) turns on Windows Firewall, above exceptions should be added to the list to allow IIS_A to connect it through IIS Manager.



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