Take Action: Convert your Windows Desktop App and bring it to Windows 10 Store

  Microsoft released the Desktop App Converter (DAC) several months ago, which enables you to bring your existing desktop apps written for .NET 4.6.1 or Win32 to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). And DAC is also available in Windows Store now. The tool makes the conversion process quite easy and help you determine what minor…


IE11 Migration Guide: Understanding Browser Mode, Document Mode, User-Agent and X-UA-Compatible

  Browser Mode determines the User-Agent that Internet Explorer sends to servers and the document mode Internet Explorer defaults to. This article is going to explain the relationship between them in detail. Browser Mode Internet Explorer sends different User-Agent strings in different browser modes. Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10 have two kinds of browser…


Single sign-on feature not working with Microsoft Edge on Window 10

  After upgrading to Windows 10, you may find SSO feature doesn’t work with Microsoft Edge in your corporate network. Solution: Step.1 Adding Microsoft Edge support for ADFS 1. Identify you Edge version in User-Agent string. Press F12 to launch dev tool in Edge. Find the User-Agent string in HTTP Request send by Edge: 2….


Checklist for multi hop delegation in ASP.NET and WCF using wsHttpBinding.

  If you need to access resources by using the authenticated caller’s identity or by using a specific Windows identity other than the process identity, you can configure your ASP.NET application to use impersonation. Moreover, delegation allows you to use an impersonation token to access multiple network resources, such as the following scenario: We have…


Web page layout broken issue due to "Natural Metrics" in IE11

  After upgrading to IE11, web page layout may be broken. The most common reason is the web page runs in a newer document mode in IE11. However, the layout issue might still occur even if the document mode is same as before. This is because IE11 uses natural metrics for font rendering while previous…


How to create an IIS website that requires client certificate using self-signed certificates

  Some IE/IIS issues may involve client certificate. It always took me hours to deploy a test website that requires client certificate. Therefore, I am going to write this blog to record every steps including: creating self-signed root CA, server certificate, client certificate and configuring IIS. Prerequisites Domain iislab.com IIS server iis-lab-server @ Windows Server…


Node.JS Diagnoser Site Extension for Azure Web APP is Ready

In my latest post, introduced that the default Node.JS version (0.10.32, x86) parser function is embedded in Azure Web APP DaaS. Here the Node.JS Diagnoser Site Extension is provided specifically for diagnosing more Node.JS versions (0.12.6 X86 and X64) and more flexible operations. In simple words, now it supports analyzing: 0.10.32 X86 0.12.6 X86 0.12.6…


How to analyze Node.JS running processes on Azure Web APP

Node.JS Parser for Node.JS 0.10.32 32bit is included in Azure Web App Diagnostic Service now. If you have Node.JS 0.10.32 32bit running, and want to quick analyze its running status, open https://<appname>.scm.azurewebsites.net/support Click the Analyze menu, click Diagnostics, and then click Diagnose Now: The parser is developed to analyze Node.JS slow performance issue or understand…


How to capture and analyze dump for intermittent High Memory on Azure Web App

Previous posts introduced how to capture dumps for intermittent Exception and High CPU issues on Azure Web App. Today Crash Diagnoser V1.3 supports High Memory dump capture too. Here are quick configure steps: 1. Install Crash Diagnoser from Site Extension Gallery. For detailed installation steps, click here. If you installed it before, can update it…


How to capture dump when intermittent High CPU happens on Azure Web App

  When facing intermittent High CPU issue on Azure Web App, previously we have no easy method to capture dump files for further analysis because: 1. It is an intermittent issue. When you monitor the application, the high CPU may not happen at the moment or in the current process lifecycle. 2. When use Kudu…