The impact of Gemini (Or the power of a simple question)

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard about Project Gemini, the Self Service Analysis capabilities to be delivered as part of SQL Server Kilimanjaro. It’s great to be able to finally share some details about what we’ve been working so hard on. We’re extremely proud of the engine that enables this experience and can’t wait to talk…


Big news at the BI Conference. Are you coming?

Hi folks, It’s been a while since I posted. I’m back in the Analysis Services team now where we’ve been busy finishing off SQL Server 2008 and working on a set of technologies that will be unveiled at the BI Conference. I remember a conference back in the 7.0 days when we introduced OLAP Services and…


Nsort is ready!

For the past few months, a few of us have had the pleasure of working with Ordinal to create an extremely performant sort component. Chris, from Ordinal, sent an email earlier today announcing that they’re done with a production ready version. This is really great news, especially if you know the history of Ordinal and…


Metadata tool and whitepaper for BI components

Hi again, Over the last few months a lot of you have expressed a need to do impact analysis and lineage investigations across the different BI components we’ve got…. if I change this table here what packages, cubes, reports will be affected. Well, earlier this week the BI team released a metadata pack that you…


Biztalk, SSIS, Indigo, SSB, AAAAA!

This is a FAQ that we get at least once every time we present. I got it last week doing launch activities in Portugal, and then earlier today on a webcast on extending SSIS. For those not familiar with the excellent whitepaper on this, check this one out: regards



As you know, we just declared SQL RTM earlier today. For those familiar with the changes in this release, my goodness. This has been a huge release. I’ve had a kid along the way, some have had two. Shipping software of this magnitude is probably one of the most gratifying experiences, and I had to…


SSIS: Lookup from Text Files

Ever want to do a lookup on a text file without putting it in a database or using a merge join? Grant from the Project REAL team found a great nugget: Openrowset now allows the BULK clause to be specified which accepts a filename and format specification. An OLE-DB driver for flat-files or XML would…


SSIS: Debugging foreach NodeList enumerators

Earlier today Fred S. asked a great question. “Using the following data I’m trying to get each node Element populated into their own variables.XML: <DataBases>   <DataBase>      <Name>Sales</Name>      <Action>DBCC</Action>      <FLOP>1</FLOP>   </DataBase>   <DataBase>      <Name>Inventory</Name>      <Action>DBCC</Action>       <FLOP>1</FLOP>   </DataBase></DataBases> Want to do:Name   -> vsDataBase     Action -> vsAction       FLOP   -> vnFLOP                       Where vsDataBase, vsAction and vnFlop are variables of…


SISS: Providing parameters when providers don’t support them

This has come up a few times recently, and I couldn’t find the information for them in the usual sources. The desire that some folks have is to support parameters in their SQL statements. Sounds reasonable. The OLEDB source, for example, supports parameters. However, some providers don’t support derivation of parameters from a statement. The…


SSIS Best Practices – Performance

We’ve been slowly creating a list of best practices. Simon asked me about these at the PDC a couple of weeks back. It’s time to share them out not just to make folks aware of them but also to solicit other goodness you’d like us to include in the official list. First off, Performance:   [Oledb…