The Humans Are Dead

Sadly, Microsoft has decided to kill the MSR Robotics team... My last day is today.
All that remains is a bunch of robots... 

Since this is an MSDN blog, I believe it will have to continue somewhere else.
I don't know where yet, but follow me on Twitter @ashleyfen if you like.


Comments (3)

  1. Robotic Hegemony says:

    A sad day for humans, a happy day for robots

  2. Warren Rapp says:

    Ashley,  please call me tomorrow if you get a chance.  Possible Job opportunity for you.  Warren. 775-750-6852

  3. Vesa Pykala says:

    Sad news. I have been a Microsoft guy all my professional life…

    Microsoft cannot handle robotics like e.g. Google.

    I believe you can find your future in growing robotics business!

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