96 Line F# Emulator + 960 bytes of HP-35 Microcode

  [Part 3 of the HP Calc series] In this post, we’ll create a 96-line F# emulator for the HP-35 calculator with which we’ll run the 960 byte (!) ROM image. As you may well know, I am a calculator freak. The 40-year-old HP-35 is an especially wonderful device; being the world’s first scientific pocket calculator….


Introducing the Cult of the Bound Variable to the Cult of Forth

[The twelfth in a series of posts on the evolution of TransForth]   It’s been quite fun playing with this Universal Machine from the Cult of the Bound Variable. In this post we’re going to continue the journey toward building a full Forth for this machine by assembling a Forth inner interpreter; turning this register…