IISADMIN service failed to verify anonymous/wam account



The websites were not working on IIS 6 and we got the following errors in event logs everytime we restarted IIS


Event Type:   Warning

Event Source: IISADMIN

Event Category:       None

Event ID:       105

Date:            11/09/2009

Time:            09:17:55

User:            N/A

Computer:     ServerName


IISADMIN service failed to verify anonymous/wam account DomainName\IUSRNAME. Some IIS functions can fail for this reason.


Issue started after they reinstalled IIS. The webserver was also a Domain Controller.




We found that the WAMUSERNAME was not specified with domain name like DomainName\IWAMUserName rather just IWAM_OZ.
We edited the wamuser account with domain account\username format and that too started throwing same error in event logs for IWAM account. To resolve the issue we edited the IUSR name and removed the domain name and kept it like a local user name.

This error has normally been seen when IIS has been hosted on Domain controllers. It is better to keep DC on separate server than the webserver. If we have a real domain account as IUSR identity, we do need to use the syntax Domain\AccountName.

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