TFS: Restrict users to Source Control and Deny access on Work Items, Build, Test


You can use Visual Studio follow the steps below to create a new group that only allows user to use source control and prevent viewing Work Items, Build, and Test features.

1. Create a New Group

a. Right Click on the Project, go to Team Project Settings è Group Membership


b. Click on New button


c. Enter the name of your choice as  (“Only Source Control Users”)


d. Click “OK” and the TFS group is created


2. Assign/Deny Permissions

a. Deny permissions on Work Items

     i. Click on the Areas and Iterations


    ii. Click on Security


    iii. Select Team Foundation Server Group and Click on “Add”


     iv. Select the Group “Only Source Control Users


       v. Deny all the permissions – provide below:


        vi. Click on “Close”.

b. Deny permissions on Build

        i. Repeat the similar steps after selecting the “Build


c. Assign permissions to view Project Level Information

         i. Select Project è Team Project Settings è Security


          ii. Select the Group and make sure the permissions as set as given below:


3. Assign Users to the Groups as normal. Now the user will only have access on the Source Control and not on Build and Work Items.

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  1. Correct me please. You are creating new Group at Project Level, right?

  2. Manish says:

    Thanks a lot ASHU for the info 😉

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