Microsoft BizTalk Server and Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration – Part 3 – Receive Data from Dynamics AX in BizTalk

Microsoft Dynamics AX adapter pulls the data available in the Dynamics AX Queue and publishes it into the Message Box. In one BizTalk Group there can be only one Receive Location that points to a combination of AOS Server Name and AOS Port Number. This is valid for the Receive Locations across BizTalk Applications.

The following configuration needs to be performed in BizTalk Receive Port / Receive Location which would receive the data from Microsoft Dynamics AX using the Application Integration Framework (AIF) and publish the same into BizTalk Message Box:

1. A Static One Way port needs to be created under Receive Port in BizTalk Application


2. The following provides the configuration for Receive Location –

a. Select the Transport Type as “Microsoft Dynamics AX”, also choose the Receive handler and Receive pipeline as per the requirements of the Interface.


b. Press “Configure” and set the following properties:

i. Set “Authentication Type” = “Host User

ii. Set “Gateway User” as BizTalk user under which the BizTalk Host Instance is executing.

iii. Set “AOS Server” to the name of “Dynamics AX Server

iv. Set “AOS Port” to the port number on which of Dynamics AX Server is running – the default is 2712.


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