Using BizTalk Oracle Adapter – NativeSQL

Steps to run a sample scenario which retrieves data from the Oracle DB 1. System DSN – ODBC – keep the name same as the name of the database, else the adapter will not recognize the Database 2. Create a Physical Port using the BizTalk Administration Console.   a. Select the type of the port as…


How to image your PC and apply the image!!!

ImageX Procedures The tool used to create and apply these images is ImageX—which is included in the Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK): The following procedures detail how to create the ImageX boot CD.  There are also procedures describing how to use the CD to capture and apply an image.  Creating the Boot CD Note:…


Create a good Threat Model in 10 minutes

This is an excellent blog entry by Threat Modeling Team addresses how to create an effective Threat Model.


Tips for anger management

Anger is a normal reaction to any situation or person that we perceive as frustrating or threatening to our well-being. However, when anger gets out of control, it can destroy our relationships and the quality of our life. Can we manage anger so that the immense energy produced by it can be useful to us?…


How can I see IL code when debugging managed code?

The solution for VS 2005 In VS2005 -> Tools menu -> Debugging -> General -> uncheck “Enable Just my code “ After the setting, set a breakpoint. When the bp hits, use ctrl+alt+D to see the assembly code.

Static and Instance methods

“Given the internal implementation, you perhaps save a few IL operations if you have static methods. However, having static methods on the BLL/DAL may pose issues at another level.” Q. What kind of issues we may have by having static methods on BLL? A. In a nutshell, one won’t run into any issues if the…

Use of IDisposable interface

1. If a class implements IDisposable, its Dispose method releases resources that are expensive or scarce. Cost of calling Dispose : try – catch – finally execution. Advantage of calling Dispose : Release expensive resources immediately, so that the other objects need not wait for GC to finalize the object and release the resource. This advantage…


Authorization using AZMAN

Authorization needs to be done in most of the ASP.NET applications. There are many ways to do authorization in an web application. The techniques involve using the Microsoft AzMan or doing custom authorization based upon a data store like database / xml. However you do authorization that depends upon your needs and resources available, but what…