AzMan Store Import / Export

Please find attached a simple and great tool for exporting AZMAN XML to AZMAN ADAM and vice-versa. Thanks to the author for the efforts.


Permissions for accessing ADAM (Active Directory for Application Mode)

To enable application to access the ADAM partitions, we need to do the following permissions using ADSI-Edit and AzMan: In ADSI-Edit, your ADAM partition has a Roles container. Inside that is Readers. Edit the “members” attribute of Readers, and add whatever AD Groups and Users will be running your application or the Application Pool Identity that…

NTLM vs KERBEROS – Windows Communication Foundation

To understand the windows authentication mechanism better please refer:…..   The Scenario: A Web Application and WCF web service on Windows XP, where the Web Application uses services provided by WCF layer. Further, the WCF (or coarse grained services) talks to various Web Services (or fine grained web services), massages the data received and pass…


WSE 3.0 Resources

1) First go to the WSE Home Page here         Download the WSE 3.0 SDK and read the documentation introduction         Run each of the WSE Quickstarts samples and look through the code.         Work through the two detailed WSE 3.0 Hands on Labs (HOLs)        Exploring Security        Exploring Messaging Total time – 2 days…

Sorting using IComparer

  Almost every where on Internet we can find the implementation of IComparer for Sorting. And to surprise it has been stated to sort an array in reverse order use Array.reverse(). But I think a better solution is to return (-1) * ReturnValue {ReturnValue is 0 if values are equal and so on} if going…

Microsoft launches ZUNE – an IPOD killer

Check out the Microsoft ZUNE at:…   Enjoy!!! with ZUNE and experience the WiFi connectivity that lets you play songs from internet on the move.

Authorization and Validation

The service oriented architecture and distributed computing comes with various advantages as well as few disadvantages that can be over come with proper consideration to each. Here I am pointing to the Security and Integrity of the data. Definitely the Message Level Encryption solves both the issues if implemented correctly using WS-* specifications. The authorization still…

Approach – how to sync custom entities and dataset

The Problem Statement: Web Services A communicates with Web Service B which updates database. The Web Service B use Dataset to handle and update database and depends upon dataset to handle concurrency issues. Where as Web Service A takes dataset from Web Service B converts to Custom entities and pass to Web Application for modification….

Aphorisms for (Software) Designers

1. Everything in life is ephemeral, don’t expect anything you design to live forever. 2. Use technology, don’t let it use you. 3. Be aware of what you make and what it says, because people live and die through all of the images we create. 4. We need more teamwork. 5. Have your cake and…