Today Microsoft Launched WebsiteSpark program. This Program will provides Web professionals with Microsoft software and solutions, together with related tools, training and support, to help their businesses succeed. The WebsiteSpark Program also helps drive new business opportunities by connecting Web professionals and hosters with an ecosystem of customers, partners and other professionals with complementary technologies.

Web development and design companies with up to 10 employees and owners can participate in the WebsiteSpark Program for three years with no up-front cost.  There is only a $100 program offering fee, payable at exit, with no other costs or obligations.  Once approved, these companies can have access to:


  • Microsoft Web design and development tools , including three licenses of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition, two licenses of  Microsoft Expression Web 3, and one license of Microsoft Expression Studio 3.

  • Four processor licenses for production usage of Microsoft Windows Web Server 2008 or R2 (when available) and  four processor licenses for production usage of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Web Edition.

  • A third-party premium Website control panel (DotNetPanel).

Participating companies will also receive the following professional support and training:


  • Two technical support incidents per company.

  • Access to community support through connections with Network Partners, Hosting Partners and peers with complementary services and technologies.

  • Unlimited access to technical managed newsgroups on MSDN.

  • Unlimited program support for non-technical issues.

In addition to software, solutions, training and support, the program will extend the reach of participating companies by featuring their offerings in a WebsiteSpark marketplace, supported by Microsoft marketing vehicles. This marketplace will help participating companies connect with new prospective customers worldwide via coming later this fall.


Program Details:

·         Eligibility: WebsiteSpark is available to Web Development and Design companies that fit the following criteria:

  • 10 employees or less.
  •  Nominated by a Network Partner/ Microsoft Champ.

  •  Participation lasts up to three years.

·         Availability:

  •  WebSiteSpark is immediately available worldwide in most countries.

  • 82 countries have a WebsiteSpark Program Lead (“WebsiteSpark Champs”) to provide support.

Additional Links:

·         WebsiteSpark Program Site

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