Internet Explorer 8: Are you ready?

Enabling Internet Explorer 8 to display web content in its most standards compliant way by default is the right way to help move the Web forward.  This big step in real-world interoperability allows us to:

  • Help web developers and designers drive toward the ideal of “write once, run anywhere”, freeing up more time to innovate vs. modify content for different browsers
  • Address several major development and design pain points from previous Internet Explorer releases
  • Partner closely with Web standards working groups to be a key contributor in Web standards evolution

IE 8 will have strong CSS 2.1 compliance, owing to this some of the existing sites may break.  The error typically could be like, formatting, alignment or JavaScript issues. We want end users to have the best experience possible when browsing with Internet Explorer 8 and enable content providers to update sites with standards compliant content at a pace that best suits their needs. So, we’ve added the compatibility option for developers to display their web sites and applications in Internet Explorer 8 the same way they did in Internet Explorer 7. Options to make you site compliant are explained here 

Some of the additional resource are listed below

Internet Explorer 8 main site:

Internet Explorer Team Blog:

Internet Explorer Developer Center:

Internet Explorer Compatibility:

Internet Explorer 8 Readiness Toolkit (for web designers and developers):

Microsoft Interop Principles:

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