Application Certification with Vista


There are two ways in which you may take advantage of the much anticipated Vista release, make your product stand out and also leverage the marketing benefits offered by Microsoft.


Works with Windows Vista program


This option is for you if you already have an application which you want to highlight and promote it as Vista Compatible. This test would ensure your clients that your current application is compatible with Vista.


Get started by going though the step-by-step process which would help you ensure that your products are compatible with Windows Vista and qualify for the “Works with Windows Vista” logo.

Take advantage of additional marketing aids and resources after obtaining the “Works with Windows Vista” logo, including:

  • Product listing on Windows Marketplace and Solution Finder

  • Standard PR template


Application Compatibility Toolkit - Find out if your existing applications will be compatible with the new Windows operating system.



Certified for Windows Vista program


This option is for you if you intend to develop next generation applications for Vista.  The “Certified for Windows Vista” software quality logo provides you with the opportunity to qualify your applications for exclusive logos that will let customers know that your applications will provide the highest quality Windows Vista experience.



-          The “Certified for Windows Vista” logo, when displayed on your product packaging and promotional materials would differentiate your products in the market segment.

-          The program also provides you with resources that reduce the cost of developing high-quality software.

-          Take advantage of additional marketing aids and resources, including:

§         Microsoft Partner Points

§         Preferred listing on Windows Marketplace


Get started by going through this comprehensive step-by-step process to help your products qualify for the “Certified for Windows Vista” logo and benefits. To learn more about the Certified for Windows Vista program, please download the Requirements for the Windows Vista Logo Program for Software document. 


View the tests that the third-party verification vendor will run to ensure compliance with the logo requirements.


For more information visit the  Innovate on Windows Vista Home page.



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