Navigation Window

Content navigation in WPF can be achieved by using NavigationWindow,  NavigationWindow derives from Window and extends it with the ability to navigate to and display content. Content can be any type of .NET Framework 3.0 object and HTML files. NavigationWindow is one of two navigators in WPF, the other being Frame. Essentially, navigator is a class…


Dynamically Loading XAML

Loading XAML at run time is really simple. I wrote a small sample to load the XAML at run time and than attach the event handler with the XAML object. I created following XAML page and copied it to the debug folder.   <Page     xmlns=””    xmlns:x=””    Title=”Page1″>    <Grid>        <Button Margin=”0,0,9,38″ Name=”button1″ Height=”82″ HorizontalAlignment=”Right” VerticalAlignment=”Bottom” Width=”132″>Button</Button>    </Grid></Page>   and here…



“SAAS+WPF” When someone told me about this idea I was little skeptical as my understanding of SAAS was limited to a web user interface, however truth is SAAS and Web are related but not dependent concepts one should choose the right UI technology to better serve their customers. Eugenio Pace few days back posted a very nice article on how a…


Acropolis July CTP Release available now

Building on the vision of software + services, Microsoft Code Name “Acropolis” makes it easier to build and manage modular, business-focused, client applications for Microsoft Windows with the .NET Framework. It builds on the rich capabilities of Microsoft Windows and the .NET Framework, including the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), by providing tools and pre-built components…


How Moonlight (Silverlight for Linux) was Developed in 21 days

Interesting blog post on how Miguel de Icaza’s Mono team implemented Silverlight for Linux (Moonlight) in 21 days. Interesting tidbit on “Global Development” projects: The crowd in America would go to sleep and Atsushi (Japan) and Rolf (Spain) would take over development for the next eight hours until we were able to catch up…


Using WPF Custom Control Inside Word 2007 ActionsPane

Using WPF Control inside word 2007 is really simple today I’ll walk you through the process.                   1) Go to start ->Visual Studio 9.0->Microsoft Visual Studio codename Orcas. 2) select New project->Office->2007 and select Word Document and name it WPFControlforWord2007. 3) Add an Existing WPF Custom control library to the same solution. 4) Add…


XAML browser based sample for annotating the XPS document

I was looking for a web based sample for annotating the XPS document. I looked at DocViewerAnnotationsXps sample in SDK and converted it to a XAML Browser based sample. Since this application requires full trust you would need to install the .pfx certificate in Trusted Root Certification Authorities and Trusted Publishers in your IE


Retrieving the data from SQL Server and displaying it in FlowDocument

I did this small demonstration in one of my presentations and thought I’ll post this very simple code snippet. I’m reading the data from Address table in AdventureWorks database and displaying it in a flow document here goes the code   public partial class Window1 : Window     {         public Window1()         {            …


This is what you can expect in Visual Studio 2008(Orcas) related to WPF!

• Performance – Overall, moderate improvements on CPU consumption & working set. – Increased animation smoothness – Layered Windows perf improvements for both XP & Vista. – More performant Xml databinding • IME support fixes • Firefox Plugin Support for XBAP’s • File Extensions for Click-Once Applications • Session & Resource Cookie Support in XBAP’s…


First Experience With Expression Media Encoder

Before I leave to Pondicherry for a weekend adventure, I though I’ll post a small how to on Microsoft Expression Media Encoder. I never worked on any video editing tool before but after watching James I thought maybe I can do it. My objective here is to create an image overlay on a wmv file…