Consuming Service Management API from Web/Worker Role – Method 2

You can find this blog, and lot of other interesting articles about Azure on My Team Blog In my previous post about the same topic I mentioned there are multiple ways to enable your Web/Worker Role to consume service management API. Here is one more way where we will be leveraging the power of Azure…


July Updates for Windows Azure

  There were some great updates to Windows Azure were released earlier today!  Some of them are SQL Databases: Support for Automated SQL Export and a New Premium Tier SQL Database option Traffic Manager: New support for managing Windows Azure Traffic Manager in the HTML Portal AutoScale: Support for Windows Azure Mobile Services, AutoScale rules…


Consuming Service Management API from Web/Worker Role

Recently on our Team Blog, I posted about using Service Management API from code running in Windows. Reposting it here as well for easier access. My team blog It is not un-common to have the need of enabling your Web Role / Worker Role to consume the Azure Service Management API. Here is a step-by-step…


Linking a resource to your Cloud Service? What does that mean

Some of the Azure developers/administrator often misunderstand “Linking a resource” to a cloud service. Many times I see people asking, I have linked a SQL Azure DB/Storage to my cloud service, still my data is not getting transferred. Most of you already know what really linking resources mean, but still I felt like giving this…


More free Microsoft eBooks–Happy Learning!

  Thanks to Microsoft, here are yet another set of free Microsoft eBooks! Visit this post by Eric Ligman   Here you can find previous batch of free eBooks   Spread the word! Cheers!