TechEd EMEA 2008 Developers – Introducing the Windows Embedded track

Catherine Heller, Technical Evangelist on my team, has been working hard to put together a great Windows Embedded track at TechEd EMEA 2008: Developers in Barcelona, Spain | 10-14 November, 2008. She’s provided a comprehensive write up of the track on her Blog – “We believe there’s a huge opportunity for developers in this space,…


TechEd Developers – 05-09 November 2007, Barcelona, Spain

ARC01-IS Capability Mapping: A Foundation for Service-Oriented Architecture Next week I’ll be in Barcelona at TechEd: Developer to present the same interactive session I did at TechEd US 2007. Please join me and come over to say hello – I very much look forward to seeing you on Mon Nov 5 17:45 – 19:00 Room 114. P.S….


Content for my TechEd US 2007 Talks

Capability Mapping: A Foundation for Service-Oriented Architecture (ARC09-TLC) Service-Oriented Architecture is a very interesting concept to many, but until it is clearly linked to business needs its rate of adoption is likely to be slow. This challenge confronts all Enterprise Architects, so how can this challenge be addressed? One answer is the creation of a…


TechEd US Talks & Blog Migration to MSDN

After a dormant blogging period of a year and a half I’ve moved over to MSDN. My good friends and colleagues say I need to start talking again so hopefully this move signals a new start. I recently spoke at TechEd US 2007 in Orlando in the interactive theatre sessions which were rather good fun if…

Architects Bootcamp at TechEd Europe 2005

Originally Created: 2005-06-27 In the last year I’ve been holding Architect Bootcamps all around Europe – at some great locations I must add! The idea was to huddle up with 15-20 like minded individuals in great surroundings and just talk “architecture” for a couple of days, eat, drink and be merry. Wow, did we learn a…

Architecture Bootcamp at TechEd Europe 2005

Originally Created: 2005-06-12 Beat Schwegler, Architect on my team, and I are holding a preconference training day at TechEd Europe 2005 entitled: Architecture Boot Camp for Building Connected Systems. We’re amazed at how many people have signed up for this – nearly 250 and rising last week! Please join us too if you can.

The Nerd, The Suit, and the Fortune Teller

Originally Created: 2004-07-27 I just had to alert you to a recording of The Nerd, The Suit, and the Fortune Teller which was amongst the finest sessions of the Architecture track at TechEd Europe 2004. As the track owner, I can’t say I was overly confident that this skit would work since the speakers, Clemens Vasters (the Nerd), Rafal Lukawiecki (the…


Bye, Bye Mr. CIO Guy

Originally Created: 2004-07-05 Bye, bye Mr. CIO guy…Gonna outsource every resource ‘til the business runs dry… Pat Helland debuted his latest song at TechEd Europe with Don Box and David Chappell playing backup. He received a 2 minute standing ovation at the end of this Architecture Track session. Being the ARC track owner I am especially pleased…