Microsoft Tag – Snap. Blink. Wow!

Sometimes there’s just a really cool idea worth mentioning. I hope this Mobile Tagging concept takes off because with server redirects from the info stored in the high capacity colour barcode tag, the possibilities seem endless and loose associative coupling between tag and function means the target scenarios can be really flexible. “Microsoft Tag creates…


AutoCollage 2008 My daughter spends hours making photo collages of her friends and school trips for her desktop backgrounds. Today I came across a Microsoft Research Product called AutoCollage that’ll do an awesome job for her. You can buy it for $20 or £20 depending on your geography or get a 30 day free trial. Would…


The Incredible Quadraped

I am completely bowled over by this video of Boston Dynamics’ Quadraped. How long before this stuff hits the consumer business – 5 years, 10 years, or sooner?


Innovation in the Big House

I’m often looking for pointers to where customers and partners can check out Microsoft innovations in an easily consumable – informal – fashion. Channel 9 has definitely been the first place I think of. Then I suggest visiting our very active Bloggers on MSDN.  If one’s more future-oriented then I would strongly recommend Microsoft Research…