TechEd Developers – 05-09 November 2007, Barcelona, Spain

ARC01-IS Capability Mapping: A Foundation for Service-Oriented Architecture Next week I’ll be in Barcelona at TechEd: Developer to present the same interactive session I did at TechEd US 2007. Please join me and come over to say hello – I very much look forward to seeing you on Mon Nov 5 17:45 – 19:00 Room 114. P.S….


European Commission and Microsoft: Court of First Instance Decision

Being an employee of the company I keep my personal opinions on this case to myself and defer all questions to our legal counsel. But I do want to tell you I’m really proud of what Microsoft has achieved in Europe for its economy, our customers and partners, and our thousands of (new) employees since this case…



It’s been a long summer of big Microsoft internal events to close the last fiscal year and bring in the new one. Given that in Europe and many other parts of the world business slows down due to holidays I lost momentum myself and slacked on the writing front. Nevertheless, I’ve been having loads of…


Say Jambo to Tafiti!

If verticalized search is on your wish list check out this new way of doing it. It requires Silverlight and works in a variety web browsers. Tafiti is built with Windows Live Search and SilverLight. The tree view and ability to store and share custom search collections is pretty cool stuff. Jackson Fish – a new company in the delightful Pioneer…


Modeling Business Capabilities by Combining Services with Communication Patterns (4)

In my previous post I looked at the communication patterns supporting the mutual interactions and coordination between services. Here we’ll take a brief tour of the DEMO methodology [RD99] which, as we heard previously, builds upon Searle’s Language/Action Perspective and introduced the important concept of a business transaction communication pattern. DEMO For more information about…


Modeling Business Capabilities by Combining Services with Communication Patterns (3)

In my previous post I talked about encapsulating capabilities as services with communication patterns supporting their mutual interactions and coordination – the so-called service capsule. In this post I’ll explore communication patterns in more detail and in particular the business transaction communication pattern. Communication Patterns When analyzing how and why communication takes place between cooperating humans a number of…


Business Architecture Resources (MSBA / Motion)

The Microsoft Services Business Architecture (MSBA) methodology was formerly codenamed Microsoft Motion. I will continually add to this list over time! MSBA / Motion Overview Ric Merrifield (2006), “Business in Motion, Parts 1 & 2”, ARCast Interview with Ron Jacobs. Arvindra Sehmi (2006), “Rock Your Business Architecture with Motion”, TechEd 2006 Israel Presentation. Capabilities to Services Arvindra Sehmi and…


Modeling Business Capabilities by Combining Services with Communication Patterns (2)

Introduction In my previous post I introduced the idea of a Service Capsule. Now I want to dig into the rationale for this kind of service component or concept. There are those that believe, and I am certainly one of them, that business models are essential to help you understand the structure and dynamics of the organization…


Modeling Business Capabilities by Combining Services with Communication Patterns

Starting with this post I’d like to delve a little deeper into the ideas I first started discussing in my talk entitled: “Service Capsules: A Language and Patterns Perspective on Service Design and Implementation”. I first became interested in Speech Act Theory and more generally the Language Action Perspective of communication way back in the early part of my career…


Content for my TechEd US 2007 Talks

Capability Mapping: A Foundation for Service-Oriented Architecture (ARC09-TLC) Service-Oriented Architecture is a very interesting concept to many, but until it is clearly linked to business needs its rate of adoption is likely to be slow. This challenge confronts all Enterprise Architects, so how can this challenge be addressed? One answer is the creation of a…