New .NET Logo

The brand identity of Microsoft .NET is about to get a fresh makeover! .NET has become an incredible success in the past 7+ years with more than 4 million developers around the world using it to build great software and rich, compelling Web experiences. The upcoming .NET Framework 4 release will likely increase adoption momentum and the new logo adds a contemporary face to .NET's image in the industry.


I like it. What do you think of it?

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  1. Hírcsatorna says:

    A .net több, mint 7 éves logója megváltozik, szebb, modernebb, hullámosabb lesz, és a Microsoft szerint

  2. chaiguy1337 says:

    It’s definitely better, and something I will actually consider branding my product with (the old logo was simply out of the question). But I wish it were a little more compact and concise. The N seems way too wide and unwieldy and would be hard to place. The old version was much more compact.

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