ARCast.TV – Nice Example of CCR Adoption in the Enterprise

Over on ARCast.TV, Bob Familiar interviews Stephen Tarmey of Tyco Software House on how he discovered the Concurrency and Coordination Runtime (CCR) in the Robotics Studio SDK and used it to implement a high-throughput asynchronous messaging I/O pattern. This is a very common problem scenario that a number of enterprises are discovering can be solved rather elegantly with CCR.

ARCast.TV - Stephen Tarmey of Tyco on adopting Robotics Studio CCR for High Performance Async IO

Also, see my earlier post on CCR/DSS Use Cases in the Enterprise for some ideas. Watch this space as we'll be publishing some public case studies soon.
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  1. Leo en el blog de Arvindra Sehmi que la gente de Tyco Software House implementó un sistema donde usando

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