CCR/DSS Use Cases in the Enterprise

image I'm often asked what Enterprise customers are using CCR/DSS in serious, i.e. pretty significant, production deployments. I'm not at liberty to disclose the names of our customers without their permission - a few will be made public soon - but I can say there are quite a lot of application domains where this technology is being applied seriously. Here's a list of scenarios I mined from our internal list of CCR/DSS adoption customers in the Enterprise:

  • Very large scale web request load balancing & IO handling (online social networks)
  • Security systems (distributed sensor networks)
  • Package sorting system (real-time logistics monitoring and control)
  • Real time processing of seismic data in drilling control (industrial automation & control)
  • Supply Chain Modeling (simulation and control)
  • Law enforcement information intercept/inspection (large scale complex event processing)
  • Automated inventory inspection system in FMCG/retail scenarios (vision processing)
  • Financial trading systems (transaction flow routing and processing)
  • Business processes - there is an academic BPEL implementation on CCR
  • Scientific computing – MPI primitives concisely written as CCR patterns (exchange, shift, double shift)

Hopefully that's useful and piques your interest to look at this Microsoft Robotics (CCR/DSS) stuff deeper.

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  2. Leo en el blog de Arvindra Sehmi que la gente de Tyco Software House implementó un sistema donde usando

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