Introducing Live Mesh

Some say this is what will propel Microsoft innovation for the foreseeable future. One thing’s for sure, it’ll be big.   Angus Logan has the details.


The Incredible Quadraped

I am completely bowled over by this video of Boston Dynamics’ Quadraped. How long before this stuff hits the consumer business – 5 years, 10 years, or sooner?


Fun with Microsoft Robotics Studio

Not bad for a Saturday project down in sunny Buenos Aires! My friend and professional geek Angel “Java” Lopez has recently rekindled his love of distributed computing (and Agents) through MRDS and specifically CCR/DSS. We’re going to have a lot more fun with this stuff in the coming weeks. In the mean time check out…


Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008 CTP April Available

The high level set of changes is listed below. For me #2 and #3 are golden, but be sure to drill down to find out the details… like async streaming support! Improved security model with support for Message Level Authorization using Role-based access control allowing to fine-grained control of who can access services and how….


The End of the Office File Format War

Open XML has overwhelmingly been approved as an ISO / IEC standard (IS 29500) signaling the the end of the file formats war! More details can be found at Brian Jones’ Blog here and an extensive list of resources at Erika Ehrli’s Blog here. Watch a video demo from Brian Jones: [Apologies… stale video link…