How does testsettings file get used in vstest.console?

In this post, I want to talk about the settings switch and what do we do when a user has passed testsettings file in vstest.console command-line. Vstest.console runner exposes a command-line switch called /settings in which it accepts both runsettings file as well as test settings file. But the test platform APIs (ITestPlatform, ITestRunRequest, TestRunCriteria…


How to specify results directory with vstest.console

VSTest.console command line runner creates the results in the current directory of the command prompt by default but you can change and this post talks about how you can do that. 1. Create a run settings file specifying the results directory. For example the following content in runsettings file will create results in directory c:\temp….


How to preserve the test results directory?

In VS 2012, when you are running mstest based tests, then the framework deletes the test results directory when the following condition is met. All the test case passes. There is no attachment which got produced in the test run. The option to preserve the test results directory is turned off (default is off). This…


How to make your extension visible to the test explorer in Visual Studio 11?

There are few different ways by which you can make your extension visible to test explorer in Visual Studio 11. Let us go through them one by one. 1. Drop it in “Extensions” folder This is the most simplest way to make the extension visible and it works for all the 3 well known clients…


How to enable UTE logs?

Unit test explorer has bunch of processes (client-process, discovery/datacollection process, execution process) and depending upon what you want to debug, you should select the appropriate process and enable its logs. Once you have enabled the logs, the logs will get generated in %Temp% folder with log file names of the format <ProcessName>.TpTrace like vstest.executionengine.TpTrace.log Here…