How to disable traffic overview page?

Recently one of the customer complained that the traffic overview page in WPF RM is very slow and the data on that page is not very useful for him. So he wanted to know whether there is any way by which he can disable that page. There is a dirty trick by which you can disable it and the trick is as follows: -

The traffic overview page makes few calls to the server to get the data and those calls ultimately execute these following 4 stored procedures which probably take time. So if you disable queries from those stored procedures, the page will not show any data and should not take any time to load. The stored procedures are prc_Notification_List, prc_NotificationV2_List, prc_ReleasePath_GetTrafficOverview, prc_ReleasePathV2_GetTrafficOverview. 

  1. To disable query in prc_Notification_List, comment the complete section of  ‘Insert Into #TempNotification’ query.
  2. To disable query in prc_NotificationV2_List, comment the complete section of  ‘Insert Into #TempNotificationV2’ query.
  3. To disable query in prc_ReleasePath_GetTrafficOverview, comment the complete sections of ‘Insert into #ReleasePath’ and ‘Insert into #ReleaseStage’
  4. To disable query in prc_ReleasePathV2_GetTrafficOverview, complete the complete sections of ‘Insert into #ReleasePath’ and ‘Insert into #ReleaseStage’

In majority of the cases, you would not be required to take this step, but if you really want there is a way.

Enjoy !!

Note: - This is not a supported trick by the team and you should do it on your own risk.

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