The current user does not have access to Release Management. Please login with a valid user or communicate with the Release Management administrator to add your user

One of the release management customers on VSO reported the above error where hewas not able to connect to the service using the WPF client.

Anjani Chandan from the team resolved the issue using the following steps.

  • He observed that the user is able to make the following rest call from the “private” browser window and is getting a correct JSON response from the service.">https://<mytenant>

  • User told him that he has recently changed the account owner from to and he is able to use the WPF client using the initial owner ( & not via the current owner (def@…)
  • Anjani suggested him to add the new owner (def@..) as a release manager via the WPF client and try connecting with new owner.
    • Login to the WPF client using initial owner.
    • Go to Admininstrator –> Manage Users –> New
    • Add the current owner (def@…)
    • Log out Admininstrator –> Settings –> System Settings –> Sign out
    • Log in with the new owner.
  • It should work.

Enjoy !!

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  1. David says:

    Could you elaborate on this a bit more. It's a little unclear…


  2. The core problem here was that the username which was being used to connect to RM were not being treated as valid username by WPF based RM even though it was the account owner. Once the user explicitly added that username in the valid user list, it worked for the customer.

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