How to create an ordered test programmatically?

Yesterday an internal customer asked me on how he can create an ordered test programmatically. This was the first time someone had asked me this but I could imagine that it is useful if you have a fixed logic to define the order and have reasonable # of ordered tests to create/maintain. Since ordered tests…


How does testsettings file get used in vstest.console?

In this post, I want to talk about the settings switch and what do we do when a user has passed testsettings file in vstest.console command-line. Vstest.console runner exposes a command-line switch called /settings in which it accepts both runsettings file as well as test settings file. But the test platform APIs (ITestPlatform, ITestRunRequest, TestRunCriteria…


How to specify results directory with vstest.console

VSTest.console command line runner creates the results in the current directory of the command prompt by default but you can change and this post talks about how you can do that. 1. Create a run settings file specifying the results directory. For example the following content in runsettings file will create results in directory c:\temp….


Test management warehouse: Improve deletion performance

Last week we received a complaint from an internal customer that the test management warehouse adapter is taking a lot of time to process the data. Dhruv took a look at the problem and found that it is slow because the indexes on the test management tables (FactTestResult, DimTestResult, DimTestRun) is highly fragmented. When he…


Test management features since 2012

Ravi Shankar, my colleague in the test management team, published a list of features that we added in test case management tool in last 1 year or so. I find that list really useful, so sharing it with all of you here. Here you go: – VS 2012 (Microsoft Test Manager) – RTM: · MTM…


How to run tests on a machine without Visual Studio/Team Build/Test agent etc?

I have heard a lot of customers ask about how to make the tests run on a machine without visual studio components or whether you have xcopy-able install etc. The official answer to all these questions is that you should have a visual studio or team build or test agent installed on the box, but…


Test management SQL query to find out the test results associated with a suite

One of the customer wanted to know the sql query which he can use to find out the results associated with a suite. Nipun sent the following query: –   DECLARE @deletedSuiteId INT SET @deletedSuiteId = 167 –Replace with appropriate suite Id SELECT r.* FROM tbl_testresult r JOIN tbl_point p ON r.PartitionId = p.PartitionId AND…


Test plan cannot be saved. The structure path XXX is not valid

Lately one of our customer reported this problem that on hosted tfs service, he is not able to create a test plan and creation/update of test plan fails with the error “Test plan cannot be saved. The structure path XXX is not valid”. Here is how we solved this problem. Nipun & me investigated this…


How to find the list of test cases that are associated with n attachments

One of the customer wanted to clean-up attachments from their tfs server using the test attachment cleaner tool. They wanted to find out more details about the attachments that will get cleaned and one of the detail was the list of test cases that will be touched. Since the test attachment cleaner does not provide…