VS402903: The specified value is not convertible to type ReleaseDefinition. Make sure it is convertible to type ReleaseDefinition and try again

Recently one of the customer reported that he is trying to update a variable in an existing release definition and it is failing with above mentioned error. Sandeep Venkata from the team worked on this problem and found a good solution which should be useful for you. Here is the customer script, failure and solution….


How to add/view additional log files in releases?

Recently one of the customer asked how he can add additional log files in their task execution so that the users can view them as well. Rohit Batra from the team gave the following steps to the customer which should be useful for you as well. In your task ensure that you are uploading the log…


TeamFoundationServer 15 RC2 Release Management UI in French/German/Italian language

Post RC2 release, we observed that Release Management UI does not work well while opening the environment options dialog, viewing the linked artifacts etc in French, German and Italian language. In French, you can observe an error similar to this. Unable to parse bindings. Message: SyntaxError: ‘}’ attendu; Bindings value: showTooltip: { text: ‘Conservez la…


How to use manual Intervention (Task) in Release Management?

Couple of days we deployed our sprint 105 payload on VSTS which enabled manual intervention feature in release management. In this post, I will walk you through the steps you can perform to use manual intervention in your releases. How to add manual intervention task in your release definition? Add automated tasks in your environment…


How to disable traffic overview page?

Recently one of the customer complained that the traffic overview page in WPF RM is very slow and the data on that page is not very useful for him. So he wanted to know whether there is any way by which he can disable that page. There is a dirty trick by which you can disable it…


Manage RM permissions using TfsSecurity.exe

Recently one of the customer wanted to know whether he can programmatically manage RM-related permissions. The msdn documentation for this is not yet finished, so Rohit Batra from the team put together a list of steps on how it can achieved and they are as follows. Step to add a new group at the collection…


How to update release level variables using RM rest APIs?

Recently one of the customer wanted to add a release variable using RM Rest APIs and I shared with him the following code. You can get the PAT token using the instructions mentioned here. string collectionUri = args[0]; string projectName = args[1]; string patToken = args[2]; int releaseId = int.Parse(args[3]); VssConnection connection = new VssConnection(new…


Release Management utilities for RM 2015

Recently one of the customer wanted to know whether we have any utilities/best practices document that he can follow while managing his release management installation. Abhishek Aggarwal/Madhu Vadlapudi/me put together some of the utilities that we had, that were relevant for this customer, and I am sharing them with you below. Find the releases which…


Release management trial license has expired

One of our customers recently reported that he is intermittently hitting an issue where release management client shows that the server has expired. The error message at the client looks similar to this: – Suresh Tadisetty from the team worked with the customer and observed that it is occurring because the IIS worker process was…


WinRM client received an HTTP status code 502 or 403 from the remote WS-Management service.

Yesterday Sandeep Venkata was testing a change when he observed that releases to both azure environment as well as standard environment are failing with following errors: – Azure environment: – Failed to connect to the remote server <xyz>.cloudapp.net, the following error message was returned: WinRM client received an HTTP status code 502 from the remote…