A tip, a tool and a book

The Tip:  If your mouse has thumb buttons, they are usually mapped (by default) to “back” and “forward”  in IE.  Change those to PgUp and PgDown, and give it a test drive in Visual Studio.  I never noticed how much of my development time was being spent on paging… much better now! The Tool:  Resharper is without…


Out-Googling Google

One of the things I like best about Google is their clean, elegant and functional UIs.   Microsoft’s web offerings always seem to be a step (or three) behind, or so I thought before running across http://www.start.com/1/ Once again the folks at MSN prove that they really ‘get it’.  Great job! Update: The first two comments…


Why Microsoft Won, according to OSS/Unix guru Marcus Ranum

I found this article on Slashdot. It is a well written commentary on the state of Unix/Linux, although I’m anot sure how many OSS advocates would agree with the conclusions. My evil twin particularly liked the following passage: I installed Linux on one of my systems the other day, so I could use it as a teaching vehicle for my…


Is Gmail ramping up for a release?

Gmail has become very generous with their invites lately (I have 50 invites available on my account, and I don’t even use it that much). Obviously they want to increase their volumes by an order of magnitude or more… I wonder if this means that a release is around the corner?  


What does a petabyte of data look like?

Today I saw my first petabyte system. A SAN composed of multiple cabinets, each one with 225 disks of 360GB each.  Wow.   Even more impressive was the size of it all – it could easily fit into the kitchen of my tiny Manhattan apartment. Any bets how long it will take until we all have…


FireFox ate my cat!

Actually, it was my Linksys wireless router. And maybe “ate” isn’t the most accurate description of what happened. But it was a pretty weird coincidence that my router keeled over and died (complete with nasty burnt plastic smell) just as I opened FireFox for the first time.  I wonder, is someone trying to tell me…


[OT] Exceptional people doing exceptional work creates exceptional companies

No, this isn’t a story about Microsoft.  But it is so cool that it deserves to be told anyway 😉 It is the story of how Apple employees managed to ship a product. Sounds easy? Try doing it after the project has been cancelled and you’ve been layed off. http://www.pacifict.com/Story/


Seattle is a Bloggers Mecca

Thanks to Walt Ritscher for letting me know about tonight’s blogger meeting and giving me a ride there and back.  The event itself was geeky beyond belief – when I got there two guys were sharing a OneNote document on their tablets over the wireless network while a third was showing off Firefox’s ink gesture support…