A tip, a tool and a book

The Tip:  If your mouse has thumb buttons, they are usually mapped (by default) to “back” and “forward”  in IE.  Change those to PgUp and PgDown, and give it a test drive in Visual Studio.  I never noticed how much of my development time was being spent on paging… much better now! The Tool:  Resharper is without…


The magic URL for fixing a broken Sharepoint page

I know it exists, but every time I need it I still spend 15 minutes searching. So, once and for all,  here it is: ?contents=1.  Appending that to the URL of a web part page in WSS or SPS will display a list of web parts on the page with options to close or delete…


WssDal – a Sharepoint Web Services alternative

About 2 months ago I asked if anyone was interested in an alternative to the WSS webservices. A few people responded and tried my WssDal library. The general consensus seems to be that while it isn’t perfect, it is useful enough to continue developing. So if anyone else wants to give it a test drive, the library…


Are the Sharepoint Web Services too complex? Looking for something better?

I’m looking for a few people to help beta-test an alternative to Sharepoint’s web services.  The solution allows a simple “object modelish” approach to working with WSS, as shown by the following sample code snippets: // display all fields of all items of all listsListsClient ListClient = new ListsClient(); foreach (ListDescriptor list in ListClient.GetLists(“http://WssSite”)){     Console.WriteLine(“List {0}…


Fixing Broken Links after Restoring a Sharepoint (WSS) Site with SMigrate

Utility and source code here  (http://www.addysanto.com/blog/fixsitelinks.zip) Introduction   WSS 2.0 includes a utility called SMigrate which can be used to backup the content and structure of a site and to later recreate a site’s content and structure from the backup file. SMigrate also enables migration scenarios – by backing up a site and restoring it…


Sharepoint Studies Roadmap

Gregory MacBeth recently posted  an exhaustive 28-step roadmap for wannabe Sharepoint developers.  IMHO some of the topics there aren’t really required for Sharepoint development per-se (UML? UIP Application Block?)  but the list is detailed and definitely worth checking out: http://weblogs.asp.net/gregmcb/archive/2004/10/25/247388.aspx    


Accessing WSS Document Libraries

I ran across this summary table comparing the four methods of accessing WSS content…  This is documented but I hadn’t seen it brought together so nicely. Kudos to whoever wrote it (if anyone knows where this came from, let me know so I can credit the author)  Mr Jeffries…   Remote Access Set Meta-data Batch…


Painless Sharepoint 2003 deployments (even when migrating from SPS 2001) ??

After reading Bill’s woes with SPIN/SPOUT and the deployment in general, I figured he isn’t the only one who needs to know this:  There is an excellent deployment tool which assists both in migrations and deployments, and can take most of the pain out of the process. I highly recommend giving it a look if you need…