[OT] One step closer to geek movie heaven

The new trailer for Episode 3 is out – http://www.aol.com/starwars/trailer/index.adp?type=lrg <edit> as David Taylor so politely pointed out, that link points to the old trailer from Nov 2004. The new one air will air on March 10th. My mistake, sorry! </edit> Will Lucas finally deliver the goods, or will this movie continue the loosing streak…


Random musings and an Infopath tip

Random musings…  I have had too much sugar today and too little sleep last night, so my brain is a little fried.  Consider yourself warned 🙂 My current gig is for a hospital.  Every evening when I leave the parking lot, the automated toll machine remarks “thank you and please come again”.  Is that really the best farewell they…


One year and counting…

Hey, I just noticed that last week was exactly 12 months since I joined Microsoft.  Time really does fly when having fun!      


Seattle is a Bloggers Mecca

Thanks to Walt Ritscher for letting me know about tonight’s blogger meeting and giving me a ride there and back.  The event itself was geeky beyond belief – when I got there two guys were sharing a OneNote document on their tablets over the wireless network while a third was showing off Firefox’s ink gesture support…


Alphabet Soup, or: I’m joining the MCS COE APC AOS

I recently joined the Microsoft Consulting Services Center of Excellence, Application Platform Core Area of Specialization (or MCS COE APC AOS for short, or huh? for shorter).  So, what is it?  Lets drill down a bit: Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS):  This is the group inside Microsoft which works with customers to ensure that our technologies are successfully…


Back at Redmond

I’m at the Microsoft campus for a week of training. God I love this place… I really need to visit more often.  I’ve got some old friends to catch up with, but I’m also hoping to meet some new ones.  Are there any interesting blogger/geek/whatever dinners planned for this week?   


The Infopath presentation to the .Net Architects User Group Rocked!

Last night was lots of fun. I delivered a 2 hour InfoPath presentation to the Israeli .Net Architects user group. This was my first time in front of this particular UG, and they are a pretty sharp bunch who were very interactive with questions and comments throughout the presentation. There were about 50-60 people in all,…


.Net Deep Dive wrap-up

Yesterday’s “.Net Deep Dive” day at Microsoft Israel was a huge success. Over 1600 developers came to the event to hear about advanced development topics such as Agile/TDD and Production Time Debugging. Both of Royo’s lectures were packed, with people sitting on the floor after the 700 or so chairs were taken.  I missed Jackie’s…


Geek Dinner – 11.28 – Tel Aviv

Kudos to Royo for arranging another Geek Dinner for the Israeli community. This time it is with an extra-special guest speaker – me!  Time:   11.28.04, 9:45pmLocation: The kosher El Gaucho Tel Aviv see Royo’s invitation for more info.


Sucked into a black hole…

I have been neglecting my blog lately due to an insane project I got sucked into…   Compressing 12 man weeks of work into 4 calendar weeks is harder than it sounds.  I managed it though, and yesterday I handed off the final deliverable to the customer (who BTW still can’t believe I pulled it off).   The…