BlogWave wish list

Everyone’s top request for the next version of BlogWave is support for authenticating proxies such as ISA Server.  Rest assured that the next version *will* address this. Is there any interest in supporting enclosures?  If so, please drop me a msg with the scenario you have in mind.  I don’t plan to turn BlogWave into…

BlogWave Update – Beta 1.5 released

This is a minor update which includes several bug-fixes, mostly in the WSS Adapter.   See the change log for more details… Download is HERE (, 522k) FAQ is HERE  


Updated Outlook Calendar Adapter for Blogwave Beta 1

Proving once again that Resistance Is Futile*, TristanK updates his Outlook Calender Adapter to support beta1 of BlogWave mere hours after it is released.  And he even added a slick(er) new interface and an icon!

BlogWave Beta 1 – Released!

This took a while longer than expected due to some personal/family matters which have been consuming my free time lately… But enough about me!  This release focused on improving the overall quality, with lots of tightening and tweaking in both the code and the UI. It is the first release which I feel good enough about…


TristanK’s Outlook Calendar Adapter 1.1 for Blogwave

Tristan posted an improved version of his Outlook Calendar Adapter for Blogwave:    Major New Features: Prettier icon, using the BlogWave Dynamic Wave Device*. Minor New Features: Ability to pick a specific calendar folder to publish. This is cool for many reasons, not least of which is that you can now explicitly control which appointments you…

Outlook Adapter for BlogWave

Dan Hounshell is working on an Outlook Adapter for BlogWave.  It isn’t available yet but sounds pretty cool so far: It was fun working with Outlook and working the framework Addy supplied for adapters.  It’s pretty slick, it will get Tasks, Notes, Email in the Inbox, Contacts and Calendar events and create an RSS feed out of them. …


Signing off for a week or two

I’m moving apartments this week and will also be away on business (Toronto here I come…) so I won’t be blogging for a while.  Next BlogWave release will probably be around mid-September. Known issues with v0.3: – Drag-drop to create a new feed assigns ‘TMP’ as a title.  – Proxy support is spotty.- Adapter related errors…


BlogWave FAQ

BlogWave Mini-FAQ Last Updated: 10/24/2004Current Version: (Beta 1.5)Download Link: (522K) Q. What is BlogWave?A. BlogWave is an “RSS Generator”: a tool which can pull information from a variety of sources and publish it as RSS.  This process is very easy to configure and can be scheduled to run automatically.  For example, using BlogWave you can…


BlogWave version 0.3 (Alpha 3) – Released!

This release is full of cool new features.  Drag-and-drop enables creating complex aggregate feeds in literally seconds.  Context Menus. NNTP (newsgroup) support.  A pluggable architecture and a C# code sample showing how to connect BlogWave to additional data sources .  Whats not to like ?!? Get it HERE (, 531K) =========================================================BlogWave – Change Log========================================================= Version 0.3 (Alpha 3) -…


BlogWave v0.2 (Alpha 2) – Released!

Alpha 2 of BlogWave is now available.    (What is BlogWave??) New & Improved in this version:  Many internal changes and bug fixes. Supports for syndicating multiple feeds at once through the UI. Redesigned the “Running” screen to be more informative. Added support for syndicating event logs. (Thanks Steve, Adam,  Alex and others!) Added support for syndicating…