Blimps are evil!

Beware- anything you drink while reading this will probably get sprayed all over your keyboard….    


The Patents war reaches new levels of absurdity

This will never end.  Palo Alto Research Center has filed for a patent on Aspect Oriented Programming,467,086.WKU.&OS=PN/6,467,086&RS=PN/%206,467,086 (beware of browser wrap on the link) This reminds me of the SF story where a celebrity freezes herself and wakes up in the future to discover that while she was frozen a large conglomerate has patented her genome and…



  Just wanted to let y’all know that Nunit 2.0 rocks !  As if you didn’t know that already… The NUnitAddIn is also very cool, although it is far from stable. I find myself stopping the service and restarting VS.NET every few minutes when working with it, but it is definitely worth the added trouble….


Time for some mad ranting… beware!

This is my third day blogging, so now might be a good time to rant a little regarding blogging in general and work-related blogs in particular.  I’m still a newbie in many respects so I apologize in advance if my ideas have already been discussed in other forums. Before being aware of blogs, I had…


Detecting mouse buttons in .NET

This is embarrassingly stupid – I’ll be realistic and assume that I’m the stupid one here: When developing with Winforms, most events allow checking the state of the mousebuttons using the MouseButtons enum.  However I can’t seem to catch combinations – for example, if the user presser both the right and middle button at once,…


No doubt…

  Yep, what can I say, blogs rock…..    

A multi-lingual compilation of Common UI terms

  Just saw this on Blogadocious – Microsoft have a fairly comprehensive list of UI terms translated into all the languages that they support. As someone who has dealt with multilingual projects many times, this is an incredible timesaver when translating menus and screens. Now all that remains is for someone to package it as a…

Hello World

Well, Here I am. Yet another speck of sand on the beaches of the infinite Blogging sea…  Who knows, this may one day contain some sort of useful content. Until then, thanks to ScottW for hosting me, and to RoyO for pointing me to all the right places.  -Addy