BlogWave FAQ

BlogWave Mini-FAQ Last Updated: 10/24/2004Current Version: (Beta 1.5)Download Link: (522K) Q. What is BlogWave?A. BlogWave is an “RSS Generator”: a tool which can pull information from a variety of sources and publish it as RSS.  This process is very easy to configure and can be scheduled to run automatically.  For example, using BlogWave you can…


Introducing BlogWave !

Everyone, say hello to BlogWave ! This is an alpha (read: mostly functional and sort of stable) version of a tool which enables automated generation and scheduled publishing of RSS feeds.  This allows, for example, publishing Sharepoint lists and libraries as RSS feeds with no modifications needed to the Sharepoint server.   BlogWave Feature List: Generate RSS feeds based…


BlogWave version 0.3 (Alpha 3) – Released!

This release is full of cool new features.  Drag-and-drop enables creating complex aggregate feeds in literally seconds.  Context Menus. NNTP (newsgroup) support.  A pluggable architecture and a C# code sample showing how to connect BlogWave to additional data sources .  Whats not to like ?!? Get it HERE (, 531K) =========================================================BlogWave – Change Log========================================================= Version 0.3 (Alpha 3) -…


[OT] What is this?

We bought this cute painting at the Hoboken Arts festival over the weekend: I say it is a cat, my wife says it’s definitely a dog.  Please help us decide – leave a comment with what you think it is!


Is anyone else getting Blog-Spammed today?

Update: Jesse recommends reporting this guy to his affiliates. I got multiple (~10 at last count but they are still coming) spam comments today containing URLs which redirect to a lowlife-type website <URL removed> .  This spam is especially annoying since it appears to be tailored specifically for technology-related blogs – notice the reference to MSDN: Sample Spam #1:Sender:…


האם משתמשים אוהבים לראות הודעות בשפות שאינם אנגלית?

אני בדעה שלא כדאי להציג כברירת מחדל הודעות שאינם באנגלית בדף הבית. הודעה זו מעניינת אולי 1% מהקוראים ושמשמשת כ”רעש” לשאר האוכלוסייה.  אם כל ההודעות באתר זה היו מתחלקות שווה בשווה בין אנגלית, עברית, רוסית, סינית וצרפתית אז לפי חשבון פשוט רק כ-20% מההודעות יהיו מובנות לכל אחד מהקוראים – למעט אנשים שיודעים את כל השפות…


BlogWave Beta 1 – Released!

This took a while longer than expected due to some personal/family matters which have been consuming my free time lately… But enough about me!  This release focused on improving the overall quality, with lots of tightening and tweaking in both the code and the UI. It is the first release which I feel good enough about…


WssDal – a Sharepoint Web Services alternative

About 2 months ago I asked if anyone was interested in an alternative to the WSS webservices. A few people responded and tried my WssDal library. The general consensus seems to be that while it isn’t perfect, it is useful enough to continue developing. So if anyone else wants to give it a test drive, the library…


Happy New Year! Welcome To Microsoft! Resistance is futile!

Yep, I got that warm fuzzy feeling which only an email titled “Welcome To Microsoft” can give 🙂 In mid January I’ll fly over to the campus for a NEO (New Employee Orientation) where I will get b0rg implants, have my personality matrix reformatted and recieve the official “Taking Over The World: Evil Empires for…


Combatting the spyware blues, MyIE2 to the rescue

I moved from Israel to New York roughly a year ago. Since a year is a pretty long time to be away from your family,  my parents decided to fly in for a quick visit over the holidays. They slept in my guest room (aka “the server room”) and we all had a great time.  Unfortunately, I…