LINQ at the NYC Code Camp this Saturday

I’ll be delivering my famous (ok, not really) “LINQ & C# 3.0 For Mere Mortals” presentation at the NYC Code Camp this Saturday.  For those who haven’t registered yet- unfortunately the code camp registration is already full , but another one is already being planned, so don’t despair 🙂 During the presentation I will take…


[OT] 0 Items!

Kirk Allen Evan inspired me to finally take action on something which has been on my to-do list for months – cleaning out my Inbox, which had (despite all my rules) grown to over 1200 items.  It is strangely empowering to look at outlook and see: (Thanks Kirk for both the inspiration and the above image) [OT]…


[OT] Not enough music!

I haven’t been listening to music much lately, which must mean that I haven’t been coding enough either.  Between Scrum-meistering the team, tweaking our infrastructure and completing a few lingering architecural tasks,  I haven’t had time to squeeze in any serious development work in days.   Oh well, thats what weekends are for, right? 


Anti-Agile development conference

Agile developers should get a smile (at least) from This anti-agile conference couldn’t possibly go wrong, they already have it planned down to the smallest detail: “Because it’s possible you may want to attend all sessions, Waterfall 2006 features no concurrent sessions. All sessions are run sequentially for your enjoyment. However, since in a waterfall process…