LINQ presentation slides

The PPT deck from my “LINQ For Mere Mortals” is available on NJ Code Camp, or here (direct link).


XOR in C#

Random factoid: Use  ^  for bitwise XOR in C#, for example:   a = a ^ c;   (or simply:   a ^= c;)  


LINQ for mere mortals @ NJ Code Camp, this Saturday (Oct. 15th)

If the LINQ materials currently available on the web make your head spin (Lambda Expressions?  Query Comprehensions /w Extension Methods and Inline Initialization of Anonymously Typed objects? huh?) then you are invited to the the NJ Code Camp this Saturday.  I’ll be trying out a new & novel approach to explaining LINQ – We will…


VS.NET Bug? Easter Egg?

After “Collapsing to Definitions” (Cntl-M,Cntl-O), Visual Studio decided to color the collapsed code section in black, white and red: Can anyone clue me in on what/why that is?  It happened consistently while VS.NET was open, but only for that specific method.  After rebooting VS.NET I can’t recreate this, so its a good thing I took a screenshot. …