Microsoft Brings .Net to Katrina Relief Effort

Spread the word about , a site which helps unite the victims of Katrina with their families and loved ones.

This solution was set up by a group of Microsoft volunteers, leveraging a wide set of our products and technologies such as Speech Server, SQL 2005, ASP.NET, Smart Clients and Web Services.

"Picture this ... a family waiting to hear from a loved one who was in the disaster area, they've not heard from them since the hurricane hit. Then they get a call saying that their loved one has been found and is at such-and-such evacuation center. That's what we're working for." (More about it here: "Microsoft Brings .Net to Katrina Relief Effort")

Yet another example of the great people and spirit which make me proud to work for this company.

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  1. Travis Owens says:

    It’s really great that they did this, but when I first read the title it sounded like a distastefull attempt to get marketing brownie points.

    Maybe that’s only me.

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