Setting up a .NET Development Tree

Not new but worth mentioning anyway:

Mike Robert treats us to a detailed recipe for building up a development tree, from creating the initial directory structures through automated builds and unit tests.  Available here (HTML) and here (PDF)

And even better, he wrapped up the advice into an automated tool which will generate everything for you:  Tree Surgeon.   A real time saver (if you are still developing with VS2003) ....

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  1. Zachary Burns says:

    Would you consider this still valid for Visual Source Safe 2005?

    The reason I’m asking is we really cannot afford the huge price tag of Visual Studio Team System when it ships and are probably going to look at the new VSS or Subversion with the Windows clients.

    I just wanted to see if the final shipping version of VSS has the same problems as 6.0d did with corruption, inability to remotely share and Unicode.

    Your thoughts?

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