It sure is quiet around here…

Wow, long time with no posts...  To everyone who contacted me recently regarding BlogWave, WSSDAL or anything else - I've been working through some technical difficulties.  My home development server died (HW related), my cable service went out for 10 days which left me with no TV, internet or phone.  And my work laptop died after a runaway code sample erased the contents of C:\*.*  (luckily it wasn't recursive).   Yeah, I have been having a fun month 🙂

So, I apologize for not responding to your remarks and emails.  Feel free to resend any issues which you need help with.

And for the curious, things I'm developing/toying-with/working-on right now:  some AJAX related stuff (on v1.1),  EDRA (v1.1),  a newsgroup reader (Whidbey),  a LOGO parser (Whidbey /w Avalon front-end) and geography-based data visualization in MapPoint.   

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  1. Addy,

    Any plans to release Blog Wave as a MS GotDotNet shared source project?


  2. Terry Harrison says:

    I have set up Blogwave (as a test) to pull Annoucements from my Sharepoint site, and write the RSS XML to a local file and attempt to write it to a document folder at the same Sharepoint site.

    No errors show up, and the local .xml file is written, but not the one that should go to the Sharepoint Doc folder. Any ideas?

    I am using Blogwave v1.0

    * Oddly I do notice that the source path shown while blogwave is processing is:

    (the terrytest2 part is repeated)

    I would really like to use this software and really look forward to hearing back from you on your great software.



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