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As a Microsoft employee, I want to do my small part in making MSN Search better.  They have the little "Help us improve" link at the bottom of the MSN Search result page, but it isn't that easy to figure out what needs improving?   So I cooked up this quick-n-dirty search page to compare the MSN Search results with Google's:

It is actually more useful than expected, and after a few hours became my new homepage (replacing  The page is simple (static) html so feel free to download  it and run it from your local machine for best performance. But if you like it - please remember to use that MSN feedback link every now and then 🙂



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  1. Vasu says:

    Funny, I tried the page for the search terms "dualsearch msn versus google" without the quotes and on MSN your blog didnt even come up. On google it was the first one.

    Personally I like Microsoft as a company (I really like their products), but when it comes to search..


  2. Satisfy Me says:

    In InfoWorld Daily today there’s a TechWatch post from Mike Barton (in TechWatch) on the Windows…

  3. Satisfy Me says:

    In InfoWorld Daily today there’s a TechWatch post from Mike Barton (in TechWatch ) on the Windows Live

  4. Addy Santo created a cool MSN Search vs. Google dual search page so you, as a user, can compare results side-by-side. Hey, now recruiters can search for candidates using two search engines at the same time. 😉 gretchen <Edit 4/7: Three people have

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