Out-Googling Google

One of the things I like best about Google is their clean, elegant and functional UIs.   Microsoft's web offerings always seem to be a step (or three) behind, or so I thought before running across http://www.start.com/1/

Once again the folks at MSN prove that they really 'get it'.  Great job!

Update: The first two comments made it clear that people are totally missing out on the cool part.  Hint: click the little 'show' link on the bottom left of the blue bar without doing a search.

Comments (6)

  1. zzz says:

    For starters it would help if the query is: xyz review

    it would find some reviews instead of finding shops which have string like "be the first to review this product!"

    One way to achieve this is to drop all shops from the search unless one is LOOKING FOR SHOPS It never ceases to amaze me why the Google have not yet figured this out?

  2. zzz says:

    The first do a Search engine that happens to miss all merchandise, not information, oriented sites is the one who I’ll be hyping friends to look into. Of course unless I specify that I am looking into buying something. This is called logic and common sense, one would presume Google and MS researchers would have alteast the other.

  3. Addy Santo says:

    Hey zzz, you missed the cool part. Forget searching, click on the ‘show’ link instead.

  4. That is pretty cool. I’m impressed they took the time to make it work with something other than Internet Explorer.

  5. John says:

    Could you explain how this ui was created? it works on javascript? I don’t see postbacks. Cool thing.

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