What does a petabyte of data look like?

Today I saw my first petabyte system. A SAN composed of multiple cabinets, each one with 225 disks of 360GB each.  Wow.   Even more impressive was the size of it all – it could easily fit into the kitchen of my tiny Manhattan apartment.

Any bets how long it will take until we all have petabytes sitting on our desktops?  3 years? 5?  10?



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  1. BradC says:

    So each rack is about 79 Terabytes, and it’ll take 13 racks to make 1.004 petabytes.

    So that’s a total of 2,925 drives.

    If they were $340 IDE or serial ATA (not likely), that’d be $1,000,000 in drives alone.

    If they were 10k SCSI drives at $1500 a pop, the price rises to almost $4.4 million in drives alone. Not including the rest of the hardware to make them all communicate.

  2. i will make a guess that petabyte systems will be on our desks in around 10 years. 500Gb drives are here now, so all you need is 2000 of them to get 1Tb. 9-10 years ago, i remember having 2 4Gb drives in my machine, and that was a lot. so in 10 years, we have moved from 4gb to 500gb, a jump of 125. 10 years, if everything goes well, we should have at least 61.035TB hdds, if math is correct, and that could be even more. hmmmm. too many digits….