Microsoft Content Management Server 2002 Connector for SharePoint Technologies RTM’s

Microsoft® Content Management Server 2002 Connector for SharePoint™ Technologies enables you to integrate Microsoft Office® SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and Windows® SharePoint Services 2.0 technologies with Microsoft Content Management Server (MCMS) 2002 to create an end-to-end solution for document publishing.

Find the good stuff at the Microsoft Webcasts site

There is an impressive number of developer webcasts available on-demand here, 23 just from last week!  I usually don’t have patience for presentations (especially webcasts) but I checked out a few of the level 400s and they were exactly what I was looking for.  Recommended….

SharePoint Database Explorer

This tool allows you to connect directly to a SharePoint content database and retrieve files. It is useful for times when you want to recover documents from a database backup, or when SharePoint is not working properly and you need to get access to documents.

Second Day at Microsoft

Today is actually my third day here, here is a quick summary of yesterday: 1. The floodgates have not yet opened but the trickle of information I have so far is already enough to drown in.  A quick search regarding a product returned over 100 related discussion lists. Wow…. 2. I have always hated the MS…

First day at Microsoft

Well, today was my first day as an MS employee 🙂My email address is if anyone wants to know.   Today was spent mostly on my NEO (New Employee Orientation) and getting set up with hardware, network access, etc.  My thoughts so far: 1. I was very impressed by the organization of the NEO.  We…



Know everything there is to know about Design Patterns?  Well it is time to move on to Anti-Patterns. Anti-Pattern: An AntiPattern is a pattern that tells how to go from a problem to a bad solution. (Contrast to an AmeliorationPattern, which is a pattern that tells how to go from a bad solution to a…


there goes the hard disk… there go the blogs… there go the *.*…

Well, my HD died at work taking with it almost a year of aggregated feeds and most importantly – my OPML.   Since I’m returning my old laptop to my old employer next week and getting a new one from Microsoft the week after (woohoo!), I’ll probably wait for that.  So for the next two weeks I’ll…


Combatting the spyware blues, MyIE2 to the rescue

I moved from Israel to New York roughly a year ago. Since a year is a pretty long time to be away from your family,  my parents decided to fly in for a quick visit over the holidays. They slept in my guest room (aka “the server room”) and we all had a great time.  Unfortunately, I…


[OT] Gollum in da hood

I almost died laughing… if you are a LOTR fan, check this out.