Sucked into a black hole…

I have been neglecting my blog lately due to an insane project I got sucked into…   Compressing 12 man weeks of work into 4 calendar weeks is harder than it sounds.  I managed it though, and yesterday I handed off the final deliverable to the customer (who BTW still can’t believe I pulled it off).   The project pushed the envelope (or at least my envelope) regarding Infopath, Sharepoint and Biztalk architecture, and left me with some great material for future blog posts.  As an added bonus a few PMs from the Infopath PG visited the customer today to see the system, so I had the chance to get some inside info regarding O12 which of course I can’t discuss  🙂     

For now though I have only one thing on my mind : VACATION!  Yep, in about an hour I’ll already be on a plane to visit my family and friends in Israel, many of whom I haven’t seen for 2 years. See y’all when I get back….


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