Sharepoint Studies Roadmap

Gregory MacBeth recently posted  an exhaustive 28-step roadmap for wannabe Sharepoint developers.  IMHO some of the topics there aren’t really required for Sharepoint development per-se (UML? UIP Application Block?)  but the list is detailed and definitely worth checking out:    


BlogWave Update – Beta 1.5 released

This is a minor update which includes several bug-fixes, mostly in the WSS Adapter.   See the change log for more details… Download is HERE (, 522k) FAQ is HERE  


[OT] Coke takes over parts of the brain that Pepsi can’t reach

I found this article fascinating… Official: Coke takes over parts of the brain that Pepsi can’t reach An excerpt: Simply looking at a person’s brain scan, the scientists were able to predict which soft drink the individual concerned was likely to prefer. “We were stunned by how easy this was,” Dr Montague said. The ventral…


TaskSwitchXP = Sweet!

I just installed TaskSwitchXP and it is awesome!  This cool utility replaces the default vanilla Alt-Tab window with a snazzy preview including application thumbnails. It is especially useful when there are multiple windows of the same type open, such as IE or VS.  Thanks Mr. Gunderloy & Royo for the heads-up…


Loading XML data into your Infopath form with IXMLDOMDocument.ImportDom

This isn’t a very common scenario, but every now and then the need arises to programmatically populate an Infopath form (from scratch) with data.  After preparing the data in the required schema, my first thought was to do a simple “ThisXDocument.DOM.loadXML(strMyData)”.  However that call triggers  a “the DOM can’t be loaded twice” error.  Another way…


[OT] One of these links is not like the others…

I was googling “HL7” (for anyone lucky enough not to need to know: it is a healthcare-related interface format) and noticed the following targetted ads… Can you spot the odd link?  All Things HL7Tools, Consulting, and Training.Your source for HL7 HL7 trainingLearn HL7 from CD or on-lineAlso textbook and Free Interface EngineHL7, X12, NCPDP / 2…