BlogWave v0.2 (Alpha 2) – Released!

Alpha 2 of BlogWave is now available.    (What is BlogWave??)

New & Improved in this version: 

  • Many internal changes and bug fixes.
  • Supports for syndicating multiple feeds at once through the UI.
  • Redesigned the "Running" screen to be more informative.
  • Added support for syndicating event logs. (Thanks Steve, Adam,  Alex and others!)
  • Added support for syndicating Sharepoint Portal search results
  • Added a "Max Items" property for feeds. (Thanks Alex!)
  • Added a "Sort By Date" property for feeds. (Thanks Alex!)
  • Feeds can now aggregate items from multiple sources.
  • Feeds can now publish to multiple destinations. 
  • Pressing "Cancel" in the "New Feeds" window now closes that window. (Thanks Tim!)
  • Added proxy support to the HTTP based sources and destinations. (Thanks Blair!)
  • Added a proxy setup screen under the Tools menu.
  • Corrected a bug which broke feeds using RSS 0.91 (Thanks Kevin!)
  • BlogWave now checks for newer versions at startup. To change or disable this, modify the CheckForNewerVersions setting in the Defaults.xml file.
  • Added support for Unicode. (Thanks Oliver!)
  • Removed useless views (icons, list) and added graphics icons to the details view. (Thanks Mani!)
  • Added "View activity history" link to the schedule details area of the main window.

Get it HERE  (update: Newer versions are available!)

Update:  Uploading to FTP may not work correctly in this release...  The bug has already been fixed and will be rolled up into the next alpha. Contact me if you need it sooner.

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  1. I’ve started searching for Biztalk relation blogs recently given that it is now my primary focus at work. I found a few and decided to make use of Addy Santo’s excellent Blogwave to create an aggregated version of the weblogs I have found. Effectively this creates something similar to Longhorn Blogs, an aggregated site on a specific topic. So. You can point your aggregator to my "Biztalk Blogs" aggregation which is updated every 30 minutes (so long as I leave my workstation on at the office, which is almost always). I will try and add an xslt stylesheet to this at some point aswell (Addy, feature request, allow linking to an xslt stylesheet?). If anyone knows of any Biztalk Blogs I am missing, drop me a line The List so far: Kevin B Smith’s Weblog BizTalk Core Engine’s WebLog Charles Young A Biztalk Enthusiast – Jeff Lynch Robert Rijsdijk’s BizTalk Server Weblogs Christoph .NET – Biztalk Baby Steps CaPo’s Integration adventures Gilles’ WebLog Note that unfortunately due to the way that Blogwave operates the "author" of each feed is not persisted and is replaced by the title I have given the collection of aggregations. I have put in a request to Addy for a feature along this line to exist….

  2. While my blog was broken, this great little app was realeased by Andy Santo. An awesome little tool that’s very easy to configure on your pc. It has the ability to generate RSS Feeds from a variety of content sources…

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