Introducing BlogWave !

Everyone, say hello to BlogWave !

This is an alpha (read: mostly functional and sort of stable) version of a tool which enables automated generation and scheduled publishing of RSS feeds.  This allows, for example, publishing Sharepoint lists and libraries as RSS feeds with no modifications needed to the Sharepoint server.  

BlogWave Feature List:

  • Generate RSS feeds based on a variety of inputs:
    • WSS lists/libraries
    • Existing RSS files or feeds
    • Additional input sources are planned, such as Sharepoint searches and aggregated feeds.
  • Publish the generated feeds to different destinations:
    • Local/network locations
    • .Text based blogs
    • WSS libraries 
    • FTP sites.
  • Schedule the generation and publication with a flexible scheduling system
    • Set which days of the week, what hours, and how often should the generation take place
    • Set user credentials and advanced options such as running even with no logged-in user or running only when idle.

update:  This post was the inital announcement only. Additional information/versions may be available so Look here for more info.


Main Feeds View

Note that feeds with inactive schedules are grayed out.


Manually Publishing a Feed


Feed Configuration , with simple and smart scheduling options 

Note that it is possible to assign user credentials to a task - this enables scenarios such as running without users being logged in, or publishing under a different user account then the currently logged in user. 


Active syndication schedules are handled by the OS

This is a huge advantage, since the app doesn't need to be active and no resources are wasted (SharpReader anyone?).  Other advantages are improved reliability (the OS does most of the 'heavy lifting'), the ability to schedule tasks for other computers on the network, and many additional options which will be supported in upcoming versions.


Download the application  HERE(Reminder: Newer versions are available so you probably should download the latest version)

I'm fairly happy with how this is turning out, considering that I have invested about a week in it so far.  It is totally pluggable, so I can hook up addional types of inputs and destinations without even recompiling the core assemblies.  I'm really interested in getting some feedback on this - let me know which bugs you run into, and which features you would like to see in the upcoming beta version!  




Comments (34)

  1. Greg says:

    Very cool… I’m going to give this a go… I’m really interested to see who the RSS feeds from Document Lists works out.

    Now all I have to do is to get my darn internal users to use RSS… 😐

  2. Blair says:

    Looks really Nice Addy.

    I can’t use it at the moment.

    Any chance of supporting proxy auth.


  3. Addy Santo says:

    Hi Blair,

    Did you try it with your existing proxy config? If so, what was the error?

  4. Julien Ellie says:

    It rocks.

    Do you have a notion of "filter" in your applicaiton after aggregation, before publication.

    I’d love to have for example an "XSLT transform" filter to a generated RSS feed before publishing it. That way you would have a very easy way to publish to a web page an aggregation of all your personal RSS feeds.

    Another filter, would be, only accept posts that match a certain criteria in the aggregated feed (like for example, they contain the work ".Net").

    Filters should be chainable.

  5. Addy Santo says:


    I was thinking along those lines too, but I haven’t come up with a friendly way to do it yet. Keeping things simple is a high priority for me.

    Thanks for the feedback though, I’ll keep thinking about it 🙂

  6. Alex says:


    cool thing, i’d love to have the possibilty to merge multiple input feeds to one and limit the output feed to a fixed number of entry. It would be nice if this feed could be sorted by datetime.


  7. Steve says:

    This looks pretty neat!

    If you’re taking suggestions for additional inputs, I’d suggest some system-level stuff would be great. I saw somewhere a program that outputs the system’s Events (User, System, Security) to an RSS feed.

  8. tester says:

    Cool !

    How to define address in WevDAV destination field? (as your top screen Feed 1 and Demo feed). When I enter http://server/folder – error "Could not verifythe destination URL …" displayed.

  9. flex-mx says:

    Addy Santo has created a Windows tool which enables scheduled generation and publishing of RSS feeds….

  10. Mani Swaminathan says:


    Let me start by nit picking on a cool product

    View menu, when i start the program.. the icons and all come out the way it is supposed to i guess, when i move to different options I surely loose the icons

  11. Blair says:

    Sorry Andy forgot to check back.

    It’s from work where I have the problem.

    I’ll post back here on Monday with the exact error.

    With Sharpreader, they have a setting called "Copy from IE Settings". This sorts out ie for me.

  12. Adam Hill says:

    Please add Event log publishing with some filters from various attributes and you will have an awesome tool.

    Perhaps even pull multiple EventLogs from various machines into a single feed.

  13. Blair says:

    Right, the error I got was "407 Proxy Authentication Required".

  14. Anonymous says:

  15. While my blog was broken, this great little app was realeased by Andy Santo. An awesome little tool that’s very easy to configure on your pc. It has the ability to generate RSS Feeds from a variety of content sources…

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