Yahoo Mail Plus goes to 2GB

Sometime between 3:30am and now,  Yahoo Mail upped the quota of paying members to 2.0GB... Hooray!

And the “official” announcement:

Notice: Change of service to your Yahoo! Mail Plus account

Dear Yahoo! Mail Plus Subscriber,

Thanks for subscribing to Yahoo! Mail Plus. It's our goal to offer you an email experience that makes it easy to stay in touch and offers great value. Periodically, we make changes to enhance the service for our users. As of June 15, 2004, you'll enjoy the following benefits at no additional charge:

  • Increase in your storage quota to 2GB
  • No graphical ads
  • A streamlined interface that's even easier to use


Comments (2)

  1. Holy man says:

    This is f&**&en greta news, don’t cha think?

  2. David Cumps says:

    How long would it take for Google to go to 3GB, and finally sombody without limits? 🙂

    (Not that I would use any of them, 50Mb is fine)

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