[OT] What is this?

We bought this cute painting at the Hoboken Arts festival over the

I say it is a cat, my wife says it's definitely a dog. 
Please help
us decide - leave a comment with what you think it

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  1. Kirk Marple says:

    Cat, definitely.

  2. christoc says:

    gotta be a cat, it’s the ears.

    and they don’t make dogs that ugly 🙂

  3. Roommate says cat too. Interesting. Why the definite slant towards "cat"? I’m thinking the cartoony quality with the pointy ears and the big eyes, not to mention the giant grin, makes us remember Felix, Garfield, and the Cheshire Cat.

  4. Drew Marsh says:

    Cat all the way. 🙂

  5. Dan Bright says:

    Now you just have to convince your wife that she is wrong and a dozen strangers are right…

  6. Kent Tegels says:


  7. Rich C says:

    No question… it’s a cat. We are a house that likes cats, too.

  8. rajbk says:

    Its a dog. Cats don’t smile when they see you 😉

  9. Scott Allen says:

    It has GOT to be a DOG! No self respecting cat would have a big goofy grin like that – an aloof smile perhaps, but nothing showing that many teeth. Except maybe Garfield – but Garfield is fictional. Wait, this is a painting I’m looking at. Well, the ears say meow meow but the smile is a definite woof woof.

  10. Regardless of what we say, you’re never going to convince your wife it’s anything other than a dog. Even if she decides it might be a cat, she’s in too deep now to change her mind.

    I vote "cat"!

  11. Shaul Someh says:

    It’s a "MOG" – Half man, half dog. It’s its own best friend…


  12. Assaf Ella says:

    It’s a cat sitting in a dog’s mouth and smiling

  13. Fabrice says:

    Nice green three-legged cat!

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