there goes the hard disk… there go the blogs… there go the *.*…

Well, my HD died at work taking with it almost a year of aggregated feeds and most importantly - my OPML.   Since I'm returning my old laptop to my old employer next week and getting a new one from Microsoft the week after (woohoo!), I'll probably wait for that. 

So for the next two weeks I'll be totally unaggregated (is that a word?). Oh the agony.... 🙂



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  1. Yura2000 says:



    2.Take it easy,man! The average frequency of your posts is one per two weeks(aprox), isn’t it?

    So , why do you cry? :-))))))

  2. I recently went through the same. I understand your concern !

    Hope all happnd for the best. Did you have relevant backup of the most necessario file..

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